​​​​​​Pavolka Fruit Farm

Pavolka Fruit Farm is a small family owned farm, known for it's apples nestled in Michigan City, Indiana (LaPorte County). We offer over 20 varieties of apples.

U-Pick Apples season begins mid-September through end of October, when in season. 

Pressed Apple Cider is available from mid-September through October. Cider is freshly made from our Pavolka Apples. Check for availability on our Website or Facebook. 

Come and visit our farm. You will enjoy our delicious fruits fresh from our trees to you! 



1.  Hand washing station and sanitizer is available outside of the store and at U-Pick Site. 

2.Before you enter the Orchard, please check in at the booth for detailed map and a purchase of u-pick bags which holds up to 22lbs for $0.50 each. 

3. NO large bag, backpack or cooler are allowed in the Orchard. 

4. NO climbing or breaking branches!

5. Have a GOOD time and BE SAFE! 

HOURS: 9:00am-5:00pm (Monday through Sunday)


Apple Cider (UV treated & pressed with our apples)- $4.75 Half Gallon  $8.00 a Gallon

Bagged Apples-  Red Delicious, Cortland, Red Delicious,

Yellow Delicious, Gravenstein, Jonathan, Mutsu,

Northern Spy, Grimes, Wealthy, Gala, Honeycrisp,

20oz Pippin, Gala, Jonagold, Russet & McIntosh

AT U-PICK: (Click Apple Chart above for more information)  ​​
U-Pick Apples- 

U-Pick Bag- $0.50 each or bring your own bag(s).  

Red Chief, Empire, Russet, Northern Spy, 
Grimes, Mutsu, Jonathan, Red Delicious,

Yellow Delicious & Cortland.